Get a residence permit in Serbia in up to 2 months

Through company registration
Cost from 2000 EUR from 1800 EUR
  • Guaranteed result under the contract
  • The right to obtain a permanent residence in 3 years with subsequent citizenship registration
  • Ability to live and work in the country
  • No Serbian language skills required
  • Full legal support

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Advantages of Serbian residence permit

Getting quality education

Free medical care

Employment opportunities in Serbia

Social support in the form of benefits and allowances

Doing business on favorable terms

Participating in social and political activities

Access to a reliable banking system

The right to obtain European citizenship

Official residence in a forward-looking country

Why Serbia?

Comfortable climate and good ecological situation

High level of social security

Moderate prices for basic necessities

Friendly attitude towards foreigners

Relatively inexpensive real estate

Developed infrastructure and convenient transportation network

By getting a residence permit in Serbia in up to 2 months, you will be able to:

  • Live
  • Do business
  • Work
  • Get education
in a European country!

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Temporary resident status in Serbia is granted for one year and can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

After 3 years of residence in the country, the foreigner acquires the status of permanent resident and becomes eligible for Serbian citizenship.

Map Serbia


  • E-VISA


Work Visa for 6 months

2000 EUR 1 800 EUR

One applicant

5000 EUR 4 500 EUR

Family (husband, wife)

6000 EUR 5 400 EUR

Family (husband, wife, child)

6500 EUR 5 850 EUR

+1000 EUR for each additional family member

Get a residence permit in Serbia in up to 2 months!

  • Through company registration
  • No business profitability requirements
  • No Serbian language skills required
Cost from 2000 EUR from 1800 EUR

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5 simple steps to get a residence permit in Serbia

Contacting lawyers at iWorld


Preliminary check of necessary documents and consultation with iWorld lawyers


Preparation of documents including translation and notarization


Registration of the application at the relevant body for the residence permit


Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Serbia


You can pay for the services of our company in any way convenient for you:

iWorld law firm uses popular payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

  • visa mastercard

    Visa and Mastercard bank cards

  • bank

    Bank transfer to the company's account

  • payoneer stripe

    Payoneer or Stripe payment systems

  • bitcoin

    Any cryptocurrency, preserving confidentiality

Why clients choose iWorld

Working only with government programsThe iWorld team provides legal assistance in applying for Serbian residency according to the government's immigration procedure.

Cooperation under an official agreementThe company's specialists provide services only on the basis of a signed bilateral cooperation agreement, which provides security and transparency of payment.

Protection of personal dataiWorld specialists guarantee absolute confidentiality to every client. Personal data is protected with double security through the use of innovative encryption systems and smart administration.

Legal support throughout the procedureThe lawyers of the company will accompany the client at all points of processing the residency status in Serbia, provide detailed consultations and monitor the process.

iWorld leading expert on immigration to Serbia

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My name is Alexey Nosovsky, I am the head of iWorld legal department.

In 2023, we successfully carried out 250+ cases on the residence permit program in Serbia.

The team I work in includes:

  • Over 20 certified lawyers
  • More than 6 years of experience in international corporate law
  • Professionalism and responsibility

iWorld will provide qualified legal assistance in processing residence permit in Serbia.

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In the process of obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary to visit Belgrade once to open a corporate account and apply for a residence permit. After 2-3 days, the applicant can exit the country while waiting for the card to be issued or stay in Serbia if they wish. The waiting period for the permit to be issued is 30 days.

An immigration lawyer prepares all necessary documents for opening a company. On the basis of the power of attorney, the company is registered on behalf of the applicant.

A temporary resident does not need to obtain any special permit in order to be legally employed. Also, relatives of the main applicant, who obtained residence permit at the same time with them or later by family reunification, have the right to work legally.

You do not need to know the Serbian language in order to apply for a residence permit. Basic language skills are only useful for the further process of immigration.

When a foreign entrepreneur becomes a tax resident, they are exempt from double taxation due to the agreement between Serbia and most CIS countries. Therefore, he/she has the right not to pay taxes in the home country. The contributions to the pension and health insurance fund are mandatory. By employing 4 Serbian citizens, business owner receives tax benefits.

Become a resident of Serbia! No language skills required Great opportunity for immigration to Europe and permanent residency

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